For ZTC , our success has always been created on the training floor. The diverse curriculum taught by highly educated and experienced instructors creates the atmosphere that allows each and every student to achieve their goals.

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Our students are the core of the community at ZTC. Our mission is to help each student reach their full potential. We understand that each student comes in with a different goal in mind and we make sure to attend to their individual needs based on those goals.

Our mission is to coach, motivate and inspire those who have chosen Breaking (Breakdancing) as a path for positively transforming their lives.
Here are the principles of how we live that every day:

ZTC Instructors are constantly seeking ways to improve through continuous training. With 20 years of experience in  Breakdance, we believe that we cannot inspire others without leading by example.

Zoologic Trainingcamp© is the premier B-Boy dance training class in Las Vegas, NV.

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